Advantages of heat pipe vacuum tubes compared to other types of solar water heaters

- Jan 30, 2019-

Vacuum tube Collector is a solar collector that draws the space between the heat-absorbing body and the transparent cover layer into a vacuum.

The water heater composed of vacuum tube collector components is a vacuum tube water heater. Vacuum tube According to the type of heat-absorbing material, can be divided into two categories: one is the glass heat absorber vacuum tube (or the whole glass vacuum tube), one is the metal heat-absorbing body vacuum tube (or glass-metal vacuum tube). The heat pipe type vacuum tube is a kind of vacuum tube of metal heat absorber, which is composed of main components such as heat pipe, heat absorber, glass tube and metal end cover.

The heat pipe vacuum tube has the following irreplaceable advantages compared with other types of solar water heaters:

1. Freezing resistance: the use of antifreeze heat pipe, even in the cold conditions of 50 ℃ will not freeze.

2. Fast start: The heat pipe has a large thermal capacity and can output heat after a few minutes in the sun, and in cloudy and sunny weather, more hot water can be generated than other water heaters.

3. No scaling: Because water does not flow directly through the vacuum tube, the problem of waterway blockage caused by scale is avoided.

4. Good insulation: Heat pipe has the characteristics of one-way heat transfer, so that hot water in the night will not be down the heat pipe down to the surrounding environment.

5. High pressure: Because the glass tube does not hold water, connected to the collector can be with the pressure of tap water and circulating pump, so in the application of large and medium-sized hot water system has a unique advantage.

6. Good heat shock resistance: Even if the user accidentally misoperation, the sun after the empty water heater immediately injected with cold water, vacuum tube will not explode.

 7. Easy to install, reliable operation: the vacuum tube in the collector and the collector between the "dry connection", no hot water leakage problem, easy to install; even if there is a problem with a heat pipe, it will not affect the normal use of the whole system during the maintenance process.