Daily maintenance of solar water heater

- Jan 30, 2019-

1. When installing solar water heater, the water pipe may have dust or oil flavor, the first use can turn on the faucet to remove debris first.

2. The storage water in the solar water heater shall be discharged periodically according to the local water quality condition, and the drainage time may be selected when the morning collector is cooler.

3. Solar water heater surface, according to the area of fallout to make regular wipe test, rain can play self-cleaning, to maintain the surface cleaning of the water heater can be obtained

High thermal efficiency of the set.

4. Consecutive sunny days without the use of hot water, its hot water temperature is very high, in the use of solar water heater, please open cold water first, then open hot water, so as not to burn.

5. Faucet outlet is generally a filter device, water pipes in the scale debris will be gathered in this network, should be regularly removed from the cleaning, can increase the flow of water smoothly. 6. In winter, it is common for pipelines to freeze, such as when the pipe is found to be frozen but the pipe has not cracked, the temperature recovery can generally be automatically cleared. can also be used hair dryer baking, or take a towel wrapped around the water pipe, and then slowly watering with warm water, must not be baked with fire, tap the pipe or with boiling water hot, that will make the pipe burst.

Multiple freezes easily make the pipe freeze-cracking, so it is necessary to strengthen the pipeline insulation measures.

7. Solar water heaters on average every two to three years need to be cleaned, inspected, disinfected, users usually can do some disinfection work on their own, such as can buy some chlorine-containing disinfectant into the water into the mouth to pour in, let it soak for a period of time, and then release, can play a certain disinfection and sterilization effect.

8. Solar water heaters on average two to three years need to clean up the inside of the vacuum tube to prevent the internal scale of the vacuum tube to affect the heat absorption effect. 9. If the solar water heater configuration special instrument should pay attention to lightning protection, do not bathe when thunder and unplug the electric heating plug.