Description of flat-panel solar collectors

- Jan 30, 2019-

Flat-panel solar collectors mainly have heat absorption plate, transparent cover plate, insulation layer and shell and other parts of the composition.

A water heater consisting of a flat-panel solar collector is a flat-panel solar water heater. When the flat-panel solar collector works, the solar radiation passes through the transparent cover and is projected on the heat-absorbing plate, absorbed by the heat-absorbing plate and converted into heat energy, and then passed on to the heat transfer mass in the heat-absorbing plate, so that the temperature of the heat transfer mass is raised as a useful energy output of the collector.

, convection and radiation, heat dissipation to the surrounding form, becoming the heat loss of the collector.

Flat type Solar collector is one of the most basic types of solar collector, its simple structure, reliable operation, suitable cost, but also has the characteristics of strong pressure capacity, large heat absorption area and so on, is the best choice of solar energy and building combination of the type of collector. According to the IEA report, as of the end of 2004, flat-panel collectors accounted for 35% of the total market share, vacuum tube collector accounted for 41%. If the non-cover solar collectors are not counted, Europe, Japan and Israel are mainly flat type collectors, accounting for about 90% of the market share, the domestic market is mainly vacuum tube, 2005 accounted for about 87% of the market share, flat type collector accounted for only 12%.