How to use solar water heater?

- Nov 05, 2020-

When is the best time to serve water

Solar water heater water supply is best to choose in the case of high temperature air drying, the best time is before sunrise or two hours after sunset. This is because the collector plate of the solar water heater can quickly collect heat and keep heat. Therefore, if the water is supplied to the solar energy under the condition of extremely high temperature and the temperature of the solar energy is high, the problem of tube explosion due to the large temperature difference will be caused.

In daily use, it is necessary to ensure that the water heater can be heated for a sunny day as far as possible, so that the long sunshine can ensure the water temperature to the maximum extent. If the water is supplied immediately after the water is used up that night, it is easy to affect the water temperature of the next morning. Reduce heat loss after bathing in winter and spring evenings, if there is still half of 60 ~ 70 ℃ hot water in the water heater tank, fill up the water in time to prevent excessive heat loss.

How to use control water valve

To use the stepless regulating valve, users can hold the shower nozzle in hand and rush to the washbasin, bathtub or floor drain (not to the human body). First, turn the handle of the stepless regulating valve to the hot water end and lift it up, and the shower nozzle will have water flowing out. When you feel that the shower has hot water flowing out, turn the handle to the cold water end until the required temperature of water is adjusted. After bathing, press the handle.

The adjustment of cold and hot water should first watch the water temperature on the microcomputer controller. If the water temperature is too high, you must first open the cold water valve, and then slowly increase the amount of hot water, so as to achieve the best bath temperature. Never spray hot water directly to human body to avoid scalding. When taking a bath, if the hot water has been used up, but the person has not been washed clean, you can add water for a few minutes (according to the water pressure). By using the principle of cold water sinking and hot water floating, you can continue bathing.