Introduction of solar water heater to prevent damage

- Jan 30, 2019-

The vast majority of electric tubes on the market are equipped with simple thermostats and do not have the function of real system anti-dry burning. At the same time, most of the solar water heater installed on the outdoor roof, this management of extensive and management technology differences, coupled with some electric heat pipe manufacturers on its products "can prevent dry burning" misleading, resulting in solar water heaters from the installation of electric heat pipe, there is a serious accident hidden danger. How to solve the problem of "dry burning" of electric heat pipe? In addition to the choice of reliable suppliers should also be in winter on the use of solar energy is not much, should also be to the solar water heater water tank water, according to the data show that the water tank is not watery, solar vacuum tube in the case of empty sun, tube temperature can reach about 2500C, it is easy to fry pipe.

Winter pipes are exposed to the outside, the weather is very cold, the inside of the pipe can not freeze water, so the solution of the problem only need to wrap a layer of thick sponge in the water tank tube or solar pipe, can effectively prevent the water does not go up to cause the air pipe and fry the pipe. Second, it is also important to see if the leak protection device is working properly. In addition, the water tank should be cleaned at intervals for a period of time when conditions are in place. In a word, whether it is solar water heater electric pipe or other liquid electric heat pipe can not be separated from the liquid dry burning, no person will make the heat pipe internal temperature too high and make the electric heat pipe burnout, leading to safety hazards.