Introduction to Solar Collectors

- Jan 30, 2019-

      Name: Solar energy-collector Solar Energy scientific collector is a high efficiency collector composed of collecting and absorbing devices. Sunlight is made up of visible and invisible light at different wavelengths, and different substances and different colors absorb and reflect different wavelengths of light.

       Black colors absorb the most sunlight, so cotton clothes are generally made of dark or black cloth. White has the strongest ability to reflect sunlight, so summer shirts are mostly pale or white. Therefore, black color can be used to gather heat. Let parallel sunlight gather through the focusing lens on a point, a line, or a small area, or it can achieve the purpose of collecting heat. Paper shines in the sun, no matter how strong the sun, even in the hot summer, will not be lit by the sun. However, if the light collector is used to gather sunlight on the paper, the paper can be lit.

      The collector can generally be divided into several types, such as flat plate collector, concentrated collector and planar reflector. Flat panel collector is generally used in solar water heaters and so on. The concentrated heat collector allows sunlight to focus on high temperatures, which can be point-shaped or linear, used in solar power stations, house heating (heating) and air conditioning (cold