Is it better to use solar energy for households or gas water heaters?

- Apr 07, 2019-

If it is convenient to install solar energy, of course, it is most suitable according to solar energy.

One-time investment, the cost of use will be very low in the future. Even in the case of rainy weather, the water temperature can be heated by the auxiliary electric heater. It is recommended to install the water temperature water level display device when installing the solar water heater, so that the solar water tank can be conveniently viewed. The water temperature and water level in the water, in winter or rainy weather, you can add half or three grids of water, so that the heating time will be very fast, bath or hot water is very convenient. However, if the user is in the northern area, the pipeline should be insulated during installation. It is necessary to install a thickened thermal insulation casing. Otherwise, the water pipe will freeze and freeze when the temperature is low in winter.

solar water heaters:

With the improvement of technology level, solar water heaters have generally become vacuum collector solar water heaters. The water in the vacuum tube uses the principle of hot water floating and cold water sinking. After absorbing the solar heat energy, the water in the water storage tank is heated by the temperature difference cycle.

1. Advantages:

The advantages of solar energy are safety, energy saving, environmental protection and economy. In particular, the solar water heater with auxiliary electric heating function is based on solar energy and supplemented by electric energy, so that the solar water heater can be used all day round throughout the year.

2, disadvantages:

Its shortcoming is that the installation is more complicated. If it is not installed, it will not only affect the appearance and quality of the house, but also affect the appearance of the city, and its maintenance is more troublesome. Because the solar water heater is installed outdoors, most of it is on the roof and roof. Therefore, it must be cleaned and maintained outside.

However, high-rise residential buildings cannot use solar energy, and low-rise residential buildings have relatively large relative losses on floors 1-3.

There is also a water pressure problem in solar water heaters. If the water tank is lower than the solar water heater, that is, if the water pressure is very low, then there is no water supply. If the pressure is not enough, you need to install a booster pump to solve it!

Although the water in the solar water heater tank will not freeze, but the inlet and outlet pipes may freeze, then you need to do insulation measures! As for the sun in the winter, you have to use the electric heating tube to heat up.