Performance comparison of solar collectors

- Jan 30, 2019-

         There are some misconceptions in the industry about the flat panel collector Solar System. One is the four-season operation of flat-panel collector solar Systems, and many people think that flat-panel collector solar systems cannot run in winter, which is actually wrong. At present, the flat panel collector Solar System generally uses reflux emptying technology and two cycle technology (through the antifreeze heat transfer), in the northern region can easily solve the heat collector winter antifreeze problem, no collector freeze bad worries, and can solve the summer (or hot water load mismatch) system overheating problem, This feature is very beneficial to solar heating systems.

        In addition, reflux exhaust air defense overheating, antifreeze Technology program in the Netherlands and other European countries are also heavily used, is a very mature technical program. Another misconception is the heat problem of flat-panel collector, many people think that the heat (or water production) of the flat-panel collector solar hot water system is lower than that of the vacuum tube collector hot water system, the actual test shows that the use of black chromium selection coating plate collector hot water system is higher than the same total area of vacuum tube collector hot water system.