Suggestions on scientific application of solar water heater

- Jan 30, 2019-

(1) Under the influence of natural factors such as solar energy resources and temperature, the cost of hot water supply for household solar water heaters in different regions of China varies greatly.

Solar The resources-rich northwest, north China cost is low, the resource-poor Southwest region is the most expensive.

In the process of promoting solar water heaters, it is appropriate to formulate a solar water heater promotion policy according to local conditions, to avoid the national "one-size-fits-all. (2) Solar water heater hot water supply cost relative to wind power, biomass energy generation, photovoltaic power generation has obvious advantages.

At present, solar water heaters should be valued and popularized on a large scale, and play an important role in the realization of renewable energy development goals. (3) Solar water heaters have cost advantages over electric water heaters. However, due to the high initial investment, discount rate, domestic electricity price, income and other factors have an important impact on the purchase behavior of rational consumers, consumers on the future cost and benefit expectations of certainty, as well as a reasonable domestic electricity price mechanism for the application of solar water heaters have a greater role in promoting. In the popularization of solar water heater, the low income level of rural residents is an important restricting factor. Raising farmers ' income and appropriate economic policies are very important to the popularization of rural solar water heaters. In addition, at the technical level, we should actively promote the combination of solar water heater and electricity and other traditional heat sources, to meet the needs of residents of hot water to a greater extent.