What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar water heater?

- Feb 09, 2020-

The disadvantages are as follows:

1. The solar water heater is greatly affected by the weather. If we suffer from rainy weather for a long time, the solar water heater will not be able to produce hot water, which will cause trouble for our use. Some people will say that solar water heater can't use solar water heater to heat water temperature, and we can also use electric heating method, but electric heating method will cost a lot of electricity, which conflicts with its energy-saving concept.


2. The comfort of solar water heater is poor. It needs a whole day's sunshine to heat the water. When the weather is good, hot water can only be guaranteed at night. During the day and night, there is little hot water available, which can't guarantee 24 hot water supply for users.

3. The installation of solar water heater is difficult and complex. If it is not installed properly, it will affect the appearance, quality of the house and the city appearance; maintenance is more difficult, because solar water heater is installed outdoors, most of which is on the roof and roof, so it is difficult to maintain compared with electric water heater and gas water heater.

Advantages of solar water heater

1. Solar water heater is green and renewable energy

Solar energy is renewable energy, compared with conventional energy, it has inexhaustible and inexhaustible characteristics; as long as there is sunshine, solar water heater can carry out light and heat conversion, and solar water heater can operate all year round.

2. The economic benefit of solar water heater is remarkable. One time and long-term benefits are the remarkable characteristics of solar water heaters. In general, solar water heaters are used for household heating, which can save 90% of the daily electricity and gas costs for heating water and reduce household expenses, which can be fully recovered within 1-4 years.

3. Safety and long service life

At present, there is a safety problem in a large number of gas water heaters and electric water heaters. There is no hidden danger of poisoning and electric shock when using solar energy, which is very safe. The service life of the main components of solar water heaters can reach more than 15 years.

4. Green environmental protection. As a kind of clean renewable energy, solar energy has no environmental pollution and security risks. If all residents in the province adopt solar water heaters, the average temperature can be reduced by 1 ℃. Therefore, using solar energy to make the sky bluer, mountains greener, water cleaner and air cooler is an effective measure of green environmental protection.