5 Benefits Of Solar Heater

- Feb 25, 2020-

1. They are 100% environmentally friendly.

With the use of a Solar Heater you help fight pollution because it allows you to drastically reduce the emission of carbon dioxide which is one of the most present pollutant gases in the atmosphere. Approximately throughout the lifetime of a solar heater you will stop emitting up to a ton of carbon dioxide which is the equivalent of the weight of a small car.

2. Heat the water for the bath naturally.

A Solar Heater as its name says is a device with which you can heat the water for your bathroom in a 100% natural way, using only solar radiation making the expense to heat the water is zero pesos.

3. Run on cloudy days.

Many people still think that Solar Heater do not heat when we have cloudy days but this is a thing of the past, the equipment is improved year after year, incorporating new technologies that allow them to absorb more solar radiation even on cloudy days with what we now have more efficient equipment that even on cloudy days manages to heat the water to a temperature of approximately 40º C depending on the intensity of the cloudy.

4. Recover the investment in the short term.

With a Solar Heater, you no longer have to spend on consumables such as old gas heaters, which, although their price is cheap, the gas that has to be bought to work is expensive and month by month we have to buy a new tank But with a Solar Heater that is a thing of the past since from the first moment you use it you begin to recover the investment arriving at a time when the Solar Heater paid completely alone and even more the life of the solar heater is more 15 years with which the team will be paid approximately 6 times what makes a smart investment.

5. Minimum maintenance

Solar Heater is equipment that require a minimum of maintenance, basically you only have to perform a cleaning of the collecting tubes every 2 months to eliminate the layer of dust that accumulates and perform at least 3 drains of hot water tank per year, they are quite simple equipment so Its maintenance is similarly very simple parts are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

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