BABYSUN SOLAR Solar Thermal In Peru

- Mar 06, 2020-

BABYSUN SOLAR has thousands of solar thermal baths installed throughout Ancash, Puno, Juliaca, Arequipa, Lima, Cusco and other departments of Peru, the German technology with which they are made, allow us to offer 100% efficiency. It is important to emphasize that we have the European CE Certification. The key component of our solar thermal are vacuum borosilicate tubes, which heat water up to 100 degrees Celsius. Unlike solar thermal baths with solar panels, our thermal baths with vacuum tubes represent greater efficiency, since the tubes being round capture the solar rays in all their directions and angles, however, the plates only capture the perpendicular rays.


In addition, solar thermal work in all types of weather (even cloudy) since they work with UV rays and not only with sunlight and heat. They are a high quality product, so we give you a 10 year warranty but they have a 20 year life. We have small solar thermal for simple domestic use and on the other hand, hot springs with sophisticated facilities for industrial and / or business cases. 100 Lt. 150 Lt. 200 Lt. 250 Lt. 300 Lt. and of greater capacities.

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