BABYSUN SOLAR Solar Water Heater System In Peru

- Mar 01, 2020-

BABYSUN SOLAR is a company dedicated to solving energy problems in an eco-friendly way, therefore, we have the latest technology equipment for any solar water heater system you may require. Our mission is that you save significantly with our fully guaranteed solar water heater system, as well as provide an energy solution to all the current environmental problems.


BABYSUN has 13 years of experience in the market and thousands of solar thermal solar water heater system installed throughout Ancash, Puno, Juliaca, Arequipa, Lima, Cusco as well as in other cities of Peru. On the other hand, as a company we are aware of the importance of having really pure and potable water for daily consumption, therefore, since last years we started to put purifiers and water filters on sale. These offer the best solution to obtain pure water.

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