- Feb 12, 2020-

Today, the purchase of a solar water heater system has become popular and considered an essential product for families because of low investment costs and easier access to services, water heaters using energy. Solar energy has become popular to every home because of its utility, safety and economical features.


In general, all types of solar water heater systems have the same structure and function to know which is good and which is not good is very difficult because at the beginning, all the lines were created. produce a fair amount of hot water, so many people who just need a cheap price are willing to buy.


This trend of consumption and market competition makes it difficult for companies that make brands and focus on product quality to bring the best products with the most reasonable prices to users. The most common question is why are the prices higher, the warranty period is lower ... there are many dealers they know about quality but because to save the effort and explain the customers they will sell to. customers have products that are cheapest, but there are also agents that sell quality products because of their reputation because time will prove good or not.


A good solar water heater system does not only need a good part, but all the parts have to be in the same quality, such as a good insulation bottle that keeps the heat well but the glass tube is not good leading to poor heat absorption, or good glass tubes absorbing heat quickly create hot water but the bottle does not retain heat nor will it have enough hot water to use, or both are good but the support legs are of poor material for a while rust leads to broken legs, etc.


After the research process, BABYSUN solar water heater system was born, now it is considered as the best solar water heater system on the market.



With outstanding features such as BABYSUN Pro solar water heater with large insulation capacity suitable for cold air area, BABYSUN PPR solar water heater is suitable for saline, contaminated water areas. alum, ensuring safety when using ... BABYSUN energy machine is a product line that consumers voted for the most trusted solar energy machine in 2019.


In addition to the solar water heater products for families, BABYSUN is a pioneer in providing solar energy applications such as: solar water heaters, industrial equipment Vacuum tubes and heat pump. Used for big projects such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels ....


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