Benefits Of Using Termas Solares

- May 06, 2020-

The benefits of using termas solares can be classified into two: economic and environmental.

Economic: With the installation of termas solares adapted to our needs, we can satisfy most of the hot water requirements of our house, without having to pay for fuel, since taking advantage of the sun does not cost us. Although the initial cost of termas solares usually is greater than that of a “boiler”, with the savings obtained by stopping consuming gas, we can recover our investment in a very reasonable time. With a suitable termas solares to our real demand we can save up to 80% in gas.

Environmental: The use of termas solares allows us to significantly improve our environmental environment. Pollution problems in urban areas are caused not only by fuels used in transportation and industry, but also by the use of LP gas in millions of homes, which together contribute to the deterioration of air quality and emission of greenhouse gases, with serious local, regional and global repercussions.

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