Classification And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flat Solar Water Heaters

- Dec 11, 2020-

According to the different ways of water circulation, it can be divided into three types: natural circulation, forced circulation and constant temperature release.

According to the different concentrating methods of flat plate collectors, it can be divided into: concentrating type and non-concentrating type.

According to the different markets of flat solar water heaters: the household market and the engineering market.

According to the different materials of the flat-plate solar collector heat-absorbing plate, it can be divided into ceramic solar panel, copper-aluminum composite heat-absorbing plate, all-copper heat-absorbing plate, and stainless steel heat-absorbing plate.

According to the different structure of the heat-absorbing plate of the flat solar collector, it can be divided into tube plate type, wing tube type, snake tube type, flat box type, round tube type and heat pipe type.


1. Suitable for building integration requirements. Due to the planar structure characteristics of the flat panel solar water heater, it is not restricted by the shape or size in the design, the shape and structure are flexible and random, and it is easier to realize the combination with the building components. In addition, its metal heat collector plate provides greater convenience for installation and maintenance.

2. High thermal efficiency. Flat-plate solar collectors do not have gaps like vacuum tubes. It is a continuous plane. When illuminated by sunlight, the entire surface of the collector can receive sunlight. Therefore, under the same daylighting area and sunlight intensity, the average daily efficiency of flat panel solar water heaters is more than 6% higher than that of vacuum tubes.

3. Good pressure bearing performance. The heat absorbing plate of the flat panel solar collector is made of metal materials, and the connection between the collector and the water storage tank also uses metal parts, so it can withstand the pressure from the tap water and the circulating pump.

4. Stable performance. In some large places, such as hotels, swimming pools, factories, etc., the use of solar water heaters requires more solar collectors to form a large-scale water supply system. Vacuum tube solar water heaters use rubber and plastic parts for connection, and the system is very unstable in use, while flat solar collectors use metal to connect the collector and the system, and the system is very stable.


1. The problem of antifreeze. Flat-plate solar collectors are not suitable for use in icy areas, otherwise there will be a problem of freezing, and secondary heating is needed to solve this problem;

2. The problem of heat loss. The plate core of flat panel solar is not vacuum, and the heat insulation effect is not very good. Compared with vacuum tube solar, its heat dissipation is faster in winter.

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