Classification Of Solar Water Heaters

- Jan 30, 2019-

In terms of its structure, it can be broadly divided into the following categories:

1. Split from the Heat collector section: 1) Glass vacuum tube Solar water heater can be subdivided into a full glass vacuum tube type, heat pipe vacuum tube type, u-Tube vacuum tube type/vacuum tube set heat, heat storage integrated stuffy tanning type. Commonly used for all-glass vacuum tube type, its advantages: safety, energy saving, environmental protection, economic. In particular, with auxiliary electric heating function of the solar water heater, it is mainly solar energy, electricity as a supplement to the use of the way to make solar water heaters normal operation all year round, the environmental temperature low aging rate is still relatively high.

The disadvantage is that the volume is relatively large, the glass pipe is fragile, the pipe is easy to assemble scale, can not be pressurized operation.

2) Flat type solar water heater Flat type Solar water heater can be divided into tubular plate, wing tube type, snake tube type, flat box type, circular tube type and heat pipe type. Its advantages: good integrity, long life, less faults, low safety hidden danger, can withstand pressure operation, safe and reliable, heat-absorbing body area, easy to combine with the building, resistant to water and sun strong and other advantages, its thermal performance is also very stable. Its disadvantage because the cover plate is non-vacuum, the insulation performance is poor, so the ambient temperature is low hub thermal performance is poor, the use of auxiliary heating when the relative power consumption. Low ambient temperature or low thermal efficiency when high effluent temperature is required. If the freeze is broken need to replace the entire heat collector, suitable for the winter does not freeze the southern region to choose.