Compact Solar Water Heater

- Apr 03, 2020-

Compact solar water heater, which stands out for its excellent performance, high efficiency, profitability and aesthetics. Because the tank is located in a superior position in relation to the collector, the operation of compact solar water heater is naturally between the collector and the tank, not requiring additional pumps for fluid re-circulation. This is due to the principle of thermosiphon operation, produced by the difference in densities of the heat transfer fluid (in this case the water) after part of it is heated by the action of radiation on the collectors, causing a natural convection. Thus, the heat transfer liquid circulating through the solar collector transfers the heat collected to the tank by direct exchange, thus forming a circuit.

Compact solar water heater, are the most used in single-family homes. And compact solar water heater have a support structure that allows them to modify their orientation, adapting their installation according to the inclination of the roof and therefore improving the capture of solar radiation according to the latitudes in which the installation is located.

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