Connection Pipeline Of Solar Water Heater

- Jan 30, 2019-

The solar water heater is to put cold water into the storage tank first, and then through the collector to transport heat to the insulation tank. The Hot water storage box is connected with the indoor cold and hot water pipe, which makes the whole system form a closed loop. A reasonably designed, properly connected solar pipeline is essential to the optimal working state of the solar system.

Solar pipelines must be insulated, and cold areas in the north need to be paved with tropical walls outside the pipes to ensure that users can also use solar hot water in cold winters.

Control Parts General household solar water heater needs automatic or semi-automatic operation, control system is indispensable, the commonly used controller is automatic water, water full cut off and show water temperature and water level, charged auxiliary heating solar water heater also leakage protection, anti-dry burning and other functions. On the market there are mobile phone SMS control intelligent Solar water heater, with water temperature level query, fault alarm, start Sheung Shui, close water, start electric heating and other functions, convenient for users.