Daily Cleaning Of Solar Water Heater

- Mar 11, 2020-

1. The solar water heater needs to be cleaned, inspected and disinfected every two to three years on average. Users can also do some disinfection work by themselves at ordinary times. For example, they can buy some chlorine containing disinfectants to pour into the water inlet, let them soak for a period of time, and then release them, which can have a certain disinfection and sterilization effect.


2. The solar water heater needs to clean the inside of the vacuum tube for two to three years on average to prevent the scale inside the vacuum tube from affecting the heat absorption effect.


3. The water stored in the solar water heater shall be discharged regularly according to the local water quality. The drainage time can be selected when the collector is relatively low in the morning.


4. When hot water is not used for many consecutive sunny days, its hot water temperature is very high. When using the solar water heater, please turn on the cold water first and then the hot water to avoid scalding.

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