Flat Plate Solar Collector

- Feb 28, 2020-

The flat plate solar collector is a type of solar thermal panel whose objective is to transform solar radiation into thermal energy. Flat panel solar collector has a good cost / effectiveness ratio in moderate climates and adapts correctly to a large number of solar thermal energy applications (sanitary water heating, pool heating, heating support, industrial fluid preheating , etc.)

Flat plate solar collector has several advantages:

1. Flat plate solar collector is the safest product among all balcony wall-mounted solar water heaters.

2. The installation of flat plate solar collector is not restricted. It can be installed on the south balcony, wall, awning, window wall, etc. The water tank can be installed on the balcony, toilet or air-conditioning station, which is suitable for various architectural design requirements.

3. Flat plate solar collector has characteristics of low installation cost and long service life.

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