Heat Collector For Solar Water Heater

- Jan 30, 2019-

The heat collector element in the system. Its function is equivalent to the electric heat pipe in the electric water heater.

Unlike electric water heaters and gas water heaters, solar collectors use the sun's radiant heat, so the heating time can only be when the sun's irradiation reaches a certain value. At present, the most common in the Chinese market is the all-glass solar vacuum heat collector. 

The structure is divided into outer tube and inner tube, and selective absorption coating is plated on the outer wall of inner tube. Flat plate collector on the hot panel coated with black chromium and other heat-absorbing film, metal pipe welding on the Heat collector plate, plate collector true air tube collector cost is slightly higher, in recent years, the flat plate collector shows an upward trend, especially in high-rise residential balcony type solar water heater has a unique advantage. The All-glass solar collector is generally made of high boron silicon 3.3 hard glass, and the selective heat-absorbing film adopts vacuum sputtering selective coating process.