Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater

- Mar 03, 2020-

The heat pipe solar water heater model uses solar radiation to heat water which can saving gas or electricity, you can get up to 70% -80% savings.

The solar collector of heat pipe solar water heater is composed of glass tubes with vacuum system which attract solar radiation due to an attraction film on the inner face. Inside the tubes is a copper rod, and the copper rod head which is inserted in the water tank, it can transfer the heat to the water in the water tank so that the water is heated. 

Heat pipe solar water heater, in the vacuum tubes there is no water, so this model have the ability to be used at temperatures below -5℃, and the system still can normally work even if one glass tube broken. In addition, heat pipe solar water heater model can bear up to 0.6Mpa pressure.

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