Hotel Solar Thermal System

- Jun 17, 2020-

The hotel solar thermal system uses solar energy as the heat source, which is pollution-free and pollution-free, and is the first choice for green and environmentally friendly energy sources. The hotel solar thermal system can adopt a variety of combined structures and achieve multiple functional configurations, which can achieve constant temperature discharge and constant temperature Heating, temperature difference circulation, pipeline circulation, constant temperature circulation, constant temperature water supply and other effects can meet the personalized consumption needs of consumers. The hotel solar thermal system can be installed on the roof, does not occupy the indoor space, saves electricity, and is simple and convenient to operate, and does not require special personnel to complete, can realize automatic water replenishment, automatic electric heating, automatic circulation and automatic protection, once set You can use it with ease after using the program. The solar water heating system operates reliably, is not prone to danger, and can be used for more than 10 years. It can be used in all parts of the country according to the actual situation. In homes, large public places, etc., can allow multiple people to use at the same time, the more important thing is free solar energy, the economic benefits are relatively high.

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