Hotel Solar Water Heating System Application

- Jan 11, 2021-

The principle of using solar energy is simply to absorb the solar radiation through a special material, and then use professional equipment to convert it into the energy we need. Such as heat energy, electricity and so on. Here, the solar collector in the hot water system of the hotel will be used for specific description.

The system is mainly equipped with: peripheral heat-absorbing plates, conveying pipes, devices that can promote the circulation of liquid in the entire system, and so on.

First, use a solar panel made of a special material that can maximize the absorption of solar effective radiation and place it in a sunny place; then use a metal material that can transfer most of the heat to directly connect to the solar panel; and finally A special medium is used as a heat-absorbing medium to absorb heat and heat the required heating liquid.

Among them, the metal wire, the heat-absorbing medium and the heating liquid are all in a professionally tested container with good heat preservation function. The above are the common components of solar energy.

The hotel's solar water heating system is composed of solar collectors, heat preservation water tanks, connecting pipes, control centers, and heat exchangers. Solar collectors use the radiant heat of the sun to transport hot water from the collector to the heat preservation water tank through pipelines, and cold water from the heat preservation water tank to the heat collector. The whole system forms a closed loop as the primary heat source, and then through Heaters and pressurized water supply equipment are supplied to each hot water point.

Taking a hotel as an example, the hotel building roof can provide a roof area of 6000m2 as a solar collector. According to the total heat of the solar heat source and heat medium provided by the available area of the roof The consumption of hot water and heating medium in the above guest rooms. Therefore, in the hotel guest room hot water supply system, solar energy is not suitable as the main heat source. Therefore, solar energy is only used as an auxiliary heat source for hot water supply on the sixth floor and above of the hotel.

As a kind of renewable clean energy, solar energy is widely used in various fields. It fully embodies the ecological concept of energy saving and environmental protection and must be developed and researched vigorously. In the process of star hotel design, we must pay attention to the performance of solar water heating system, rationally plan the area, and arrange scientifically, so as to efficiently use solar energy, reduce hotel operating costs, and improve hotel competitiveness.

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