How Does A Solar Water Heater System Work?

- Mar 08, 2020-

Solar water heater system consists of water tank, vacuum tube and frame. Water heating by means of solar energy is achieved by taking advantage of the thermal effect of the sun's rays,  capturing its energy through vacuum tube and transferring it to water, then accumulate it in a thermally insulated tank. When the water that is in is heated contact with the upper face of the vacuum tube that receives the radiation occurs the ascent towards the accumulator tank, and in this movement generated by natural convection (thermosiphon) moves the cold water located in the part bottom of the collecting tube, giving rise to a continuous circulation that produces as a final result the heating of the water that accumulates in the tank insulated with high density expanded polyurethane.

Therefore, solar water heater system does not produce polluting emanations, only water vapor, so it's environmentally-friendly, and solar water heater system also is economic, you can get free water through sun!

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