How Many Kinds Of Solar Water Heaters Are There By Structure?

- Dec 07, 2019-

At present, there are solar water heaters in the market, such as sun proof type, circulation type, vacuum pipe type and heat pipe type. Their difference lies in the difference of heat absorbing elements.

The utility model has the advantages of low heat efficiency and poor heat preservation, and belongs to the simplest one;

The circulation type heat absorbing element is made of pure copper plate core, which is separated from the water storage tank and has high heat absorption rate. However, the heat absorbing element is also a heat dissipating element with poor heat preservation and cannot be used in winter;

The vacuum tube overcomes the above shortcomings and adopts selective coating to control the thermal emissivity. It has good heat preservation performance and can be used in winter;

The combination of heat pipe plate core and vacuum tube has good performance, but the volume is huge, the production cost is high and the price is high.