How To Choose A Flat Solar Water Heater?

- Dec 07, 2020-

1. Choose brand and after-sales service

To choose the products of professional manufacturers of solar water heaters, it is best to have high-quality brands, so as to have excellent product quality and excellent after-sales service system and commitment.

2. Look at the quality of the vacuum tube

The vacuum tube is a key component of the water heater. The amount of heat that the vacuum tube gets under the same external conditions directly affects the water temperature. When purchasing, carefully observe the coating on the glass tube in the vacuum tube. The color is generally black, dark blue or dark gray. The color of the good quality coating is uniform, and the film has no scratches, peeling or peeling. There are no stones, and the support is placed correctly and not loose.

3. Look at the selection and process technology of the insulation layer and the inner tank

There is a layer of thermal insulation material between the outer shell and the inner tank of the solar water heater, which plays a very key role in the thermal insulation of hot water. The service life of using polyurethane as thermal insulation material can reach more than 15 years.

The inner tank is a place where hot water is stored. It is best to use a stainless steel plate with a thickness of about 0.5 mm. In short, consumers should choose imported polyurethane water tanks with thicker insulation.

4. Look at the thermal performance index

It is not that the higher the water temperature in the water tank, the better the thermal performance, but the higher the average daily efficiency, the better, and the lower the average heat loss coefficient, the better. The second is to see whether the pressure test of the water heater is qualified. If the pressure test does not meet the standard, it will easily cause the water heater to leak, which wastes hot water and cannot be used.

5. Look at the bracket design

The bracket supports the shelf of the collector and the heat preservation water tank. It requires firm structure, high stability, wind and snow resistance, aging resistance, and no rust. The material is generally stainless steel, aluminum alloy or steel sprayed plastic.

6. Select the water tank capacity

Generally, household bathing water is the lowest: 30L for males and 40L for females. If the household water includes the kitchen, the total water consumption can be estimated based on the per capita water consumption of 40L; the winter water temperature of household solar water heaters is generally calculated at 50-60 degrees to convert the water capacity of the water heater. The actual purchase depends on the situation of the water heater.

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