How To Clean Up The Scale Of Non-pressure Solar Water Heater?

- Apr 12, 2020-

1. First put all the water in the water tank of non-pressure solar water heater, then hold the vacuum tube back and forth with your hand, wait until the seal ring on the vacuum tube and the water tank is loose, and push it into the water tank. When the vacuum tube is completely loose, you can pull it out of the water tank.


2. Pour out the water in the non-pressure solar water heater vacuum tube, and then the scale comes out with the water. The scale in the vacuum tube is mixed with water. Unlike the insulation cup, the scale in the insulation cup is stuck to the vacuum tube. Around, then pour some clean water into the vacuum tube, clean it, and then repeat the vacuum tube cleaning several times, clean each vacuum tube in turn, and then check whether the silicon ring on each vacuum tube of the water tank is in good condition, if there is any damage, the new silicon ring should be replaced to prevent water in the water tank from leaking from the vacuum tube silicon ring.


3. Next, fill the water tank with water. After the water comes out of the vacuum tube, install the vacuum tube on the water tank one by one, and the work of cleaning the scale is completed. To clean the scale inside the non-pressure solar water heater on a regular basis, it is usually determined according to the local water quality conditions, and it is not necessary to clean it too often.


4. In daily life, everyone should pay attention when using non-pressure solar water heaters. When the water temperature in the water tank is lower than 75 degrees, it is not easy to produce scale. Therefore, in summer or spring and autumn, it depends on the weather conditions. Sufficient, the water in the water tank should be added as needed, so that the temperature of the water will drop with the tap water to avoid the generation of scale.

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