How To Defrost The Solar Water Heater When It Is Frozen

- Feb 11, 2020-

If the solar water heater is frozen, how can it thaw quickly and safely?

1. If there is electric tracing on the water heater, just turn on it directly.

2. For the frozen hot water pipe, you can use warm water to thaw it. Never use hot water or directly knock the pipe! This may cause the pipe to burst directly.

3. In winter, it is very common for the pipeline to be frozen. If it is found that the pipeline has frozen but not cracked, it can be dredged automatically after the temperature rises. You can also use a hair dryer to dry, or wrap a towel around the water pipe, and then slowly pour it with warm water. Do not use a fire to bake, knock on the pipe or use boiling water to heat it, which will burst the pipe. Many times of freezing and blocking is easy to make the pipeline crack, so it is necessary to strengthen the pipeline insulation measures.