How To Use Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal Collector In Winter?

- Jun 30, 2020-

In the hotel, hot water is likely to be used at every time point every day, so the water heater must ensure that it can supply basic needs. Evacuated tube solar thermal collector for hotels are used by some hotels, but in winter, many users are more worried about evacuated tube solar thermal collectors being frozen, how can they be used more smoothly?


Nowadays, many evacuated tube solar thermal collectors are equipped with heating and anti-freezing devices in winter. Consumers often freeze in the pipeline and use it to defrost, which not only delays use, but also damages the life of solar energy. The scientific method is to pay attention to listening to the weather forecast. When the temperature has continued to fall below 0 ° C recently, turn on the antifreeze device to make it preheat protection. Don't worry about power consumption, because the temperature rises and the power decreases during use, so the power consumption is minimal. In the northern hotels, it is best to turn on the antifreeze device in winter, especially at night, it is necessary to turn on the antifreeze device, but when taking a bath, pay attention to unplug the plug and cut off the power to prevent heat balance An accident occurred out of control.


The hotel uses evacuated tube solar thermal collectors to prevent freezing in winter. The hot water faucet can be turned on and the water drops can be carried out slowly, which can make the solar energy loss more smooth and play a good role in preventing freezing.


The antifreeze of evacuated tube solar thermal collector piping requires special attention, especially at the connection between the water tank and the water supply pipe. This place is easy to shake when the wind is strong. If the connection is not good, the upper water pipe will be exposed easily. If it is a solar water heater without drainage, it is easy to freeze and block, resulting in the phenomenon that the hot water does not come under the cold water. Therefore, the insulation work of the water supply pipe should be done well. Generally, the length of an insulation pipe is two meters, and the connection of each insulation pipe should be tightly taped to prevent it from being disconnected when the wind is strong or the water is on.


The hotel has a large demand for hot water. Installing evacuated tube solar thermal collector can play a good role in summer and save a lot of expenses. When used in winter, the northern region must take antifreeze measures, increase the insulation and heating system devices, ensure the supply of water heaters, and at the same time reduce damage and bring greater economic benefits.

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