Is It More Economical To Install Solar Water Heaters Or To Use Electric Ones?

- Jan 09, 2020-

The market currently sells two types of water heaters, including solar and electric, users should know about it to have the best choice for this cold season.


Overview of each type of water heater and its advantages and disadvantages

Solar water heaters have a stand that absorbs light to heat water so it requires a large space for installation.

The advantage is that it can be used even during a power outage, but vice versa will be limited in the absence of sunlight and need a period of time to heat water.


Electric water heater has 2 types: direct water heater and indirect water heater.

Indirect water heater needs hot water tank and dispenser to adjust temperature more easily.

The direct hot water bath is equipped with a resistance bar to heat up water immediately without a water tank.


The advantage of an electric water heater is that it can be used with any weather provided that there is no power outage.


In this respect, to choose the exact needs, it is necessary to consider other issues.


Choose any water heater in terms of cost to save more?

Electric energy water heater is easy to install, so installation cost is low. In addition, the price of this machine is also softer, ranging from 100 to 200 USD for direct water heaters and 150 -200 USD for indirect water heaters.


The price of a solar water heater depends largely on the capacity of the tank.

For example, a tank with a capacity of 140 - 200 liters has a price ranging from 200 to 500 USD / set, a capacity of over 200 liters usually has a price of over 600 USD / set. Imported flasks will cost several million dong / set higher than domestic ones.


Electric energy water heaters are somewhat more suitable for low-income customers.


Which water heater should you choose when weighing the installation quantity?

Direct water heater can only be used for 1 room in the house, so households with many bathrooms must install many machines.

Indirect water heater can be used for many indoor areas such as bathtubs, washbasins, etc.


Solar water heaters provide hot water for the whole house, so only one set is needed to use.


Thus, if the house has many bathrooms, users should choose indirect water heater or solar water heater.


Other factors to consider when installing water heaters for the cold season


If you compare the power consumption, solar water heaters will be more economical by using energy from the sun.


On the other hand, solar energy machines are less prone to minor damage, so maintenance costs are also lower. This advantage helps it outperform its competitors


If your own home is in a sunny area and there is a large space, you can choose to install a solar water heater.


Direct water heaters will be the more optimal solution for households in the apartment because the accommodation often lacks space for installation and usually has 1-2 bathrooms.


For areas with less sunshine and cold winters such as high mountains, northern provinces ... it is advisable to use indirect water heaters because direct water heaters can not be used in cold areas below 20℃.