Precautions For Using Solar Water Heaters

- Dec 09, 2020-

1. The water tank cannot be replenished immediately after the water tank is dry

Even in the severe winter, there is no water in the water tank immediately after the air is exposed to the water, because the vacuum tube can reach about 2500C when the vacuum tube is in the air, so there is no water in the water tank or the first watering must be before sunrise or the sun. Half an hour after falling down the mountain, to prevent pipe explosion.

2. Use electric auxiliary heating to prevent dry burning

If an auxiliary heat source is installed, check whether the auxiliary heat source device and the heat exchanger are working properly. The auxiliary heat source is heated by an electric heating tube. Before using it, make sure that the leakage protection device works reliably, otherwise it cannot be used. When using auxiliary electric heating, special attention should be paid to the water supply, and the water volume in the water tank should not be less than 50% to prevent dry burning without water. When taking a bath, pay special attention to unplug the power plug, and it is strictly forbidden to use it with electricity.

3. Use electric heating cable correctly

When installing heating cables, you must pay attention to choosing products of good quality to ensure normal use and reduce hidden dangers. When using the heating cable, please close it in time after thawing, and try not to use it when the voltage is unstable.

4. Ensure that the water heater can withstand strong winds

In the windy winter, solar water heaters are installed outdoors, so the water heater and the roof should be installed firmly to resist the invasion of strong wind. In case of windy weather, the solar water heater can be filled with water to increase the wind resistance and load-bearing capacity of the water heater, and the power supply such as electric heating and meters can be disconnected.

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