Residential Solar Heating System In Brazil

- Jul 31, 2020-

In a simple way, the residential solar heating system is composed of solar collectors (plates) and the tanks.


Motivated by the oil crisis, the residential solar heating system began to appear in Brazil in the 1970s, but at that time there were still no professionals on the market to implement a water heating system.


In the 1980s, qualification tests were carried out on equipment that had the objective of heating water with solar energy and also created the Technical Standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) related to this sector and it was from then on that started a professionalization of the area.


The time has made the market more and more demanding and over the years, the quality of the system that has the function of heating water with solar energy needed to get better and better, but with a lower price, because the combination of these two factors went together to make the residential solar heating system popular.

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