Solar Energy Water Heater

- Aug 05, 2020-

To carry out the sizing process of the solar energy water heater system, it will be essential to know how many people will use the system every day, the duration and amount of daily baths and how many showers will be fed with hot water.


Every solar energy water heater needs to have an auxiliary heating system, as it will be responsible for making sure that hot water is never lacking.


When the weather is rainy or cloudy for many days or the house receives many visits and the number of baths increases much above what was initially calculated, the auxiliary heating system then goes into operation to ensure that there is no shortage of hot water. It can be gas or electric.


In these cases of excessive bathing, the electric shower can be used normally and without complications, however the truth is that due to the level of sunshine in Brazil, the auxiliary system to heat water with solar energy is activated a few days during the year.


Heating water with solar energy is a great solution for the environment and for your pocket. It is a source of energy that is environmentally friendly, which does not cause any harm to the environment. The solar energy water heater is economically advantageous, as it has low cost for those who use it and is an excellent way to reduce the electricity bill.

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