BABYSUN - The leading brand of solar water heater from China

- Feb 06, 2020-

'Solar energy', 'renewable energy', 'green technology', 'energy saving' are the most searched and searched keywords on the websites today.

Use water heater safely in the rainy season

Solar water heaters - things to know

Is solar water heater economical?

Using clean energy is gradually becoming a common standard for consumers when choosing products.


The trend of green living with clean energy


Solar water heater  is a bright answer to the above trend, helping consumers optimize the electricity bill in the context of soaring electricity prices. Completely free of electricity, this technology makes the most of the natural light source converted into heat energy, especially suitable to the tropical, sunny climate all year round in the world.


BABYSUN - The leading brand of solar water heater from China

Solar Hot Water Heater System

Grasping that consumer trend, BABYSUN, the leading brand of water heaters from China with more than 10 years of attachment and understanding of the oversea market, has developed and continually provided solar solutions suitable for water quality and weakness of world users.


Continuous innovation according to market demand.


For traditional models, consumers who live in the places where the water quality is  very hard are often concerned about corrosion for the tank. Using 8L side assistant tank, can easily solve this problem.

Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal System

Using side assistant tank, there is a little space on the top of tank, so it will decrease the pressure in the tank.

Because there is no water on the top, the welding will not be dipped in the tank, so will prevent the corrosion and rust better.

Besides, we use non-welding technology.

Welding is damage to stainless steel. We wrap the cover on the main inner tank, there is no welding, so there is no leaking.


BABYSUN solar water heater is a smart investment of modern family. With superior durability and technology, solar water heater with 8L side assistant tank the worry of poor quality components, which must be replaced continuously every year. While not worrying about damage, just taking off the burden of electricity, the family only needed one investment to recover the capital after only 2 years. This is a bright plus point for the Babysun brand to maintain its leading position in the market.


Pursuing the core value of 'Believing in sustainable life', the mission of the Babysun company will save energy consumption and reduce 3 million tons of CO2 emissions globally by 2020. Babysun solar water heater in China is a typical example of the mission of the corporation, not only a solution to provide hot water, but also a practical action to bring sustainable living for all families.

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