Some Knowledge About Solar Water Heaters You Know.

- Oct 28, 2019-

First, how to buy solar water heaters?

1. When we choose solar water heaters, we should pay attention to the level of production. Because solar water heaters need to be used frequently, if the work is not good, it is easy to leak, so we must carefully look at the various interfaces of solar water heaters.

2, choose any of the solar water heaters we have to look at the information, this is mainly to see whether the solar water heaters meet the national standards, the qualifications of the business we have to look at.

Second, what kind of water heater is good?

1, storage water heater

Advantages: The storage type is relatively simple to install, the energy consumption is low, the temperature is stable, and it is also very convenient to use, and is not affected by the difference in gas pressure on the natural gas floor. All in all, it has become the first choice for many users.

Disadvantages: It is relatively large in size and takes up a lot of space. It is necessary to warm up before taking a bath, and the waiting time will be a little longer and it will cost a lot of electricity.

2, instant water heater

Advantages: As the name suggests, this water heater has a very fast hot water. As long as the faucet is turned on for a few seconds, there is hot water, and the water temperature is constant, meeting the needs of modern people's fast-paced life.

Disadvantages: However, the power of the water heater is large, and it is necessary to reserve a copper core wire of at least 4 square millimeters.

3, gas water heater

Advantages: not only high thermal efficiency, but also fast heating, only 5 seconds to get hot water, stable temperature regulation, continuous use by many people; hot water can be unlimited, multi-channel water supply; volume is also better than water storage The water heater is small.

Disadvantages: The water pressure of this water heater can't be too small, otherwise it won't catch fire; it will consume oxygen when burning, so it is not recommended to install it in the bathroom. It is generally recommended to install it in a well-ventilated space. Since the bathroom cannot be installed, the required water supply pipe will be relatively long.

In fact, solar water heaters also have certain advantages, but in the face of constant changes in the market, I believe that the future of home appliances on the market will be more in line with people's needs. When purchasing a water heater, you should pay attention to the methods and techniques of purchasing, and choose the right water heater to make your family's life more comfortable.