Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

- Jun 04, 2020-

1) Selection of swimming pool solar heating system


According to the building type, climatic zoning and actual use of the swimming pool, indirect heating should be used to ensure the water quality of the pool and avoid the corrosion of the solar system; where conditions permit, direct heating should be used in areas with better water quality to reduce system investment costs.


2) Calculation of swimming pool solar heating system


The heat required for pool water heating is the sum of the following heat: heat loss due to evaporation of the pool water surface, heat loss due to conduction of the pool water surface, pool bottom, pool walls, pipes and equipment, and heat required for the pool to supplement fresh water heating.


3) Design of swimming pool solar heating system


The swimming pool solar heating system should be corrosion-resistant and easy to install. The copper pipes, stainless steel pipes or hot-dip galvanized pipes can be used. The pipes should be equipped with compensation and expansion equipment. The inclination of the collector should be consistent with the local latitude. If the system focuses on summer use, its inclination should be reduced by the local latitude

10 °; if the system focuses on winter use, its inclination should be 10 ° at the local latitude. The inclination angle of the horizontal collector of all-glass horizontally can reduce the angle appropriately.

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