- May 27, 2020-

The key component of the BABYUN termas solares is high-tech vacuum glass tubes that absorb not only direct sunlight (direct sunlight) but also heat from the environment and when it is cloudy (diffuse sunlight).


External tube made of high resistance borosilicate capable of resisting the impact of hail of up to 2.2 cm in diameter.

The inner tube coated with aluminum nitrate that has excellent absorption of solar radiation.

They are designed to work without problems in freezing zones up to 25º below zero

The use of diffused light allows temperatures above 35º C to be achieved on totally cloudy days.

The curvature of the glass tube (30 to 40 mm in diameter) offers greater resistance to impacts than flat collectors. It is reported to have passed hail equivalent tests of up to 25 mm.

We have studied and thought about the climatic conditions of Peru applying all our efforts to all the available technology to produce the best termas solares. that is why BABYSUN is the leading brand in termas solares.

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