The Advantage Of Using Solar Water Heating System

- Apr 13, 2020-

Why a solar water heating system?

There are several reasons that make thermosiphon solar water heating system an attractive and popular alternative:


(1)Economic aspect: Initially it is more expensive to buy a solar water heating system than a conventional gas heater. However, the solar water heating system uses the sun's free energy while the conventional gas heater uses fossil gas which is not free. The accumulated expense that involves the purchase month by month of gas comes soon equal to the expense made in the purchase of the solar water heating system. It is estimated that the average recovery period of the money invested in the solar water heating system is between 1 and 3 years.

Another problem is that the price of gas is constantly increasing, which causes the recovery time to be reduced.


(2)Energy independence: Having a solar water heating system means having greater energy independence. We do not rely on gas or electricity companies to heat the water, so avoid the problem of price increase problems.


(3)Ecological aspects: The ecological implication of acquiring a solar heater is also very important. If we stop combustion for water heating, we stop releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contribute to global warming and air pollution. Solar water heating system also takes advantage of abundant and free energy resource, such as the Sun.

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