The Four Aspects Of Solar Pool Heating System

- Jun 03, 2020-

Solar water heaters to heat the swimming pool is designed from the following four aspects to ensure a stable and mature swimming pool hot water supply system:


First, the system composition of Solar Pool Heating System

1. Solar collector system

2. Swimming pool heating system

3. Automatic auxiliary heating system


Second, the system characteristics of Solar Pool Heating System

1. Constant temperature hot water, fully intelligent operation

2. Give priority to the use of solar energy, low operating costs

3. System integration, standardization, fast installation


Third, the principle description of Solar Pool Heating System

1. Heat collecting cycle: temperature difference cycle between solar collector and hot water storage tank

2. Swimming pool heating: heat exchange between the hot water storage tank and the swimming pool

3. Auxiliary heating: choose appropriate auxiliary heating energy according to local conditions to ensure constant temperature of swimming pool water


Fourth, the scope of application of Solar Pool Heating System

Suitable for gyms, swimming pools, fitness centers and other places

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