- Feb 04, 2020-

Previously, the hot water market only became very active in the winter. However, in recent years, consumers have paid more attention to ensuring health and safety, so the use of hot and cold water bottles all year round has become an essential need of households. However, along with that, the rate of people hospitalized due to fire, explosion, electric shock when using hot water has also increased significantly. Experts warn that indifference, ignorance ... about the water heater is one of the reasons that many people "bring disaster to themselves".


Always maintain the water heater to keep its life and safety during use.


In fact, users have many times fallen into dangerous situations when the water heater broke out, exploded or leaked electricity. Most of them are old, not maintained. Only when the incident occurred, people realized the importance of using the water heater properly. So, which habits are the wrong way, endangering users?


Do not install the ground wire


Usually in the design of the water heater shell, there is a wire to wait for the ground (cool wire). The purpose of this wire is to eliminate current when there is an electrical leakage. Binh leaks when the user bathes will be electrocuted, very dangerous.


Therefore, to ensure safety, you should not overlook any small details. If the system does not have wires, ground rods, you should be equipped with a circuit breaker to prevent electrical leakage.


Do not switch off the appliance before use


Most water heaters are equipped with electric disconnection relays and anti-shock devices so users are usually subjective and do not disconnect the hot water heater in the shower. But, this is dangerous, because there is still a risk of leakage of electricity into the water in the kettle.


Make sure your water heater is installed correctly.


The mechanism for heating the water of a heater is to use electricity to heat water through the resistance bar. Therefore users may get electrocuted by direct contact with water. In theory, pure water does not conduct electricity, but in domestic water there are many mixed impurities, usually salts, which create free ions in aqueous solution, which can conduct electricity.


Therefore, please turn off the power to the bottle to ensure absolute safety before bathing.


Always switch on the kettle 24 / 24h


This not only costs electricity but also reduces the life of the battery. You should only switch the kettle on before 10-20 minutes depending on the volume of the water heater.


Similar to temperature relays in electric cookers, irons or refrigerators, temperature relays in hot and cold water bottles can also disconnect themselves when the temperature is high enough and turn on themselves if the temperature is too low. Therefore, the continuous plugging of electric wires as conductors, mayso ... overloaded conductors may be damaged due to electric leakage.


Hot water should be turned off when not in use.


No warranty or routine equipment testing


The water heater will not be as efficient as it was after a while. Leakage to water may occur without your knowledge. In addition, the kettle may malfunction or break unexpectedly so you should check the water heater regularly using an electric tester.


After a period of not using the water heater, you should check the water line, power lines, showers carefully before use.


If you detect any abnormal signs such as abnormal noises, the indicator light does not light, you should immediately stop using and call a technician. Absolutely avoid self-repair, leading to unsafe cases for the family.


Do not pay attention to the water source used


Your water source will directly affect the magnesium bar - which prevents acid from eroding into walls, preventing oxidative scale. If the water supply is rich in dirt or iron, you should replace and maintain your magnesium bar regularly.


In order to avoid clogging, cause rust in the tank shell and leakage of electricity, if your house is contaminated with iron, alum, often muddy, open the jar, check the sediment collection, rinse the bottle and filter, check the tightness of valves after one month of using the bottle. If normal water should be checked after 2-3 months. After that, the distance of the average inspection time can be longer.


Also, before you switch on the kettle, you should also check that your home is still empty. Turning on the kettle without water to heat it will consume electricity and damage it.