The Use Of Solar Water Heaters: The Advantages Of Solar Water Heaters.

- Oct 28, 2019-

Nowadays, solar energy is widely used, and solar power is used in many places. Solar energy is a renewable resource that can meet people's needs. The development of solar water heaters has also been relatively mature and has been widely used in many households. So everyone knows how to use solar water heaters? What are the advantages of solar water heaters? Here we will introduce you to the solar water heater in detail.

How to use solar water heaters correctly?

One. When the weather is extremely hot and the water temperature is extremely high, the water must be replenished with a water pressure limit. Do not add water after the water is used up. Fortunately, before the sunrise in the morning or after the sun sets in the evening, the water will be used to ensure the service life of the water heater.

two. Each water heater has a venting hole. When the water is full, there is a normal flow of water. When the water valve is closed, it will stop. (This is not the case with water heaters installed with water temperature and water level indicators).

three. Electric heating: The electric heating power is 1500W. If it is used when the temperature is too cloudy or winter, do not plug it in for a long time. You must turn off the power while taking a bath. When plugging in, if the leakage protection plug is red, it will prove to be heating. If the green light is on, it indicates that the water temperature has reached 65 °C.

four. When the temperature is not too low (7 °C - 5 °C), after running out of water at night, there is still some hot water in the water heater (water in the vacuum tube), which should be filled with water immediately, reduce the water temperature inside the water heater, and reduce the heat loss in the night. Make full use of heat.

Fives. If the temperature is extremely low, the water heater must maintain a water level of more than 80%. If it is cloudy, please use the water in the water heater and immediately replenish it.

What are the advantages of solar water heaters?

1. High-tech products, copper-aluminum anodized composite core or full copper core, high surface treatment process, good heat transfer performance, strong heat absorption capacity and large water production;

Second, the system has good thermal insulation performance, large heat storage energy, and the water storage function of the thermal insulation water tank can meet the needs of large-volume personnel to use hot water centrally, and can also be used as emergency water source when water is stopped;

Third, the solar water heater system is fully automatic and static operation, no need for special care, no noise, no pollution, no leakage, fire, poisoning, etc., safe and reliable, environmental protection and energy saving, benefit the country and the people;

Fourth, it has the function of sewage purification, the water source is clean and pollution-free; the vacuum tube solar water heater has good insulation performance and strong anti-freezing ability.

The above is our introduction to the use of solar water heaters and the advantages of solar water heaters. I believe that everyone has a general understanding of solar water heaters. Solar water heaters are now widely used. Solar water heaters are safer to use, and they are also more energy efficient. They are not so expensive, so they are welcomed on the market.