The Use Process Of Solar Water Heater

- Jan 30, 2019-

Flat type Solar water heater for the top water work, vacuum tube solar water heater can also be implemented in the way of top water work, water tank can be used jacket or coil mode. The advantage of top water work is that the water supply pressure is tap water pressure, more than the natural gravity pressure, especially when the installation height is not high, it is characterized by the use of water temperature first high after low, easy to master, users easy to adapt, but require tap water to maintain water supply capacity.

Top water working mode of solar water heater specific gravity water heater cost is large, high price.

1. Temperature difference control Set heat cycle Solar hot water heating system has collector thermostat and water temperature sensor, heat collector system absorbs solar radiation, heat collector temperature rise, when the collector temperature and water tank temperature difference T set value, the detection system issued instructions, circulating pump will be in the central water heater in the cold water input collector, water is heated before returning to the water tank,

Make the water in the water tank reach the set temperature.

2. Ground Heating Pipeline Circulation system Add a hot water circulating pump to control the heating pipe cycle through the controller. When the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the automatic start of the ground heating circulating pump, so that the high temperature water through the ground heating coil in the indoor circulation, so that the indoor temperature continues to improve. When the water tank water temperature is lower than a certain set value, the ground heating pipe circulating pump is automatically stopped.