The Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater

- Jul 09, 2020-

The vacuum tube solar water heater is the simplest, cheapest and most efficient way to heat water. It can be installed anywhere, from a small residence, to businesses, industries, country houses and rural properties.


As the name says, the vacuum tube solar water heater is integrated (coupled) to the water tank (Boiler). This system has the lowest acquisition and installation cost, providing up to 70% savings in water heating.


BABYSUN vacuum tube solar water heater uses vacuum glass tubes to heat water to 90 degrees Celsius. With this you have much hotter water and much faster than the competition.


The way in which the vacuum glass tubes of the BABYSUN vacuum tube solar water heater are exposed is able to use 90% more sunlight during the day, ensuring that the water is heated during almost the entire period of light.

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