Thermal Insulation Tank For Solar Water Heater

- Jan 30, 2019-

A container for storing hot water. Hot water collected through the heat collector must be stored through the insulation tank to prevent heat loss. The capacity of a solar water heater refers to the amount of water that can be used in a water heater, excluding the capacity that cannot be used in a vacuum tube.

For pressurized solar water heaters, the capacity refers to the volume of media that can occur for heat exchange.

Solar water heater insulation tank consists of three parts: inner gall, insulation layer and water tank shell. Tank inner Gall is an important part of storing hot water, and its material strength and corrosion resistance are of paramount importance. There are stainless steel, enamel and other materials on the market. Insulation layer insulation material is directly related to the insulation effect, especially important in the cold season. A better way to heat insulation is the overall foaming process of polyurethane insulation.

The shell is generally colored steel plate, aluminum-plated zinc plate or stainless steel plate. Insulation water tank requires good insulation effect, corrosion resistance, clean water quality.