Thermoelectric Materials For Solar Water Heaters

- Jan 30, 2019-

Thermoelectric material (also known as temperature difference electrical material) is a kind of functional material which uses the movement of solid internal carrier to realize the direct mutual transformation of heat energy and electric energy, and its working principle is that solids have different electron or cavitation excitation characteristics at different temperatures, and when there is temperature difference at both ends of thermoelectric materials, The difference in the number of electrons or holes excited at both ends of the material will form a potential difference (voltage). Thermoelectric materials are mainly divided into semiconductor metal alloy thermoelectric materials, square cobalt type thermoelectric materials, metal silicide thermoelectric materials, oxide thermoelectric materials 4 kinds. Japan was at the forefront of the world in the study of oxide thermoelectric materials in the 2007. At present, the commercial applications of thermoelectric materials have pbte (operating temperature of 230~ 530 ℃, mainly for power generation), Bi2Te3/Sb2Te (operating temperature of room temperature ~ 130 ℃, mainly used for small-scale power generation and refrigeration), SiGe (operating temperature higher than 530 ℃, mainly used in outer space power generation).