Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

- Jul 10, 2020-

The vacuum tube solar collector is the most flexible on the market and is ideal for homes and businesses that want to save on their energy bill and have the comfort of heated water quickly and conveniently. One of its biggest advantages is that it can be expanded to meet a large volume of water.


The vacuum tube solar collector from BABYSN of the modular system heats the water up to 95 degrees Celcius, a temperature much higher than other types of solar heaters that on average heat the water up to 40 degrees. With that you have water much hotter and much faster than the competition.a


The exposure of the vacuum glass tubes of the BABYSUN vacuum tube solar collector is able to use 90% more sunlight during the day, ensuring that the water is heated during almost the entire period of light.


The vacuum tube solar collector can be installed with the tank (boiler) below or above the roof. This ensures much more ease and flexibility.

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