Vacuum Tube Solar Heaters

- Jun 11, 2020-

Vacuum tube solar heaters are more efficient than any other system on the market. The difference is that the vacuum tube solar heaters in charge of absorbing the heat is made up of concentric tubes made empty to reduce heat losses, the inner tube is covered with a triple layer reflective surface.

Vacuum tube solar heaters advantage:

• They are designed to work without problems in freezing areas up to 5 ° C below zero

• The use of diffuse light allows temperatures above 35 ° C to be achieved on cloudy days.

• The curvature of the glass tube offers greater resistance to impacts than flat collectors. It is reported that it has passed tests equivalent to hail up to 25mm.

• On days of normal radiation in the Peruvian highlands it can reach temperatures above 70 ° C.

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