What Are The Characteristics Of Wall-mounted Solar Water Heaters?

- Dec 16, 2020-

1. Split installation: The collector part of the hot water system is completely separated from the water tank. The collector is installed outside the balcony (or inside the balcony). The water tank makes full use of the outdoor space of the balcony, which solves the problem that users of high-rise buildings cannot install solar heat. The problem of the water system, and the perfect combination of solar energy and buildings.

2. Pressure-bearing operation: The water circulation system is a pressure-bearing system, with stable water outlet pressure, which can reach a constant temperature and pressure, and has a strong scouring feeling, which makes bathing more comfortable.

3. System energy saving: The working fluid circulation system is natural circulation, so in the case of sufficient sunlight, users are provided with hot water, but the entire system has zero energy consumption.

4. One-way heat exchange: There is no water in the heat exchange tubes of the flat plate collector, and the collector and water tank work in heat exchange type. And the heat exchange is one-way heat exchange. Therefore, the heat in the water tank will be lost through the collector.

5. Intelligent control: The system adopts an intelligent controller and has a variety of protection functions, which is safe and convenient to use.

6. Multi-energy complementation: solar energy complements other energy sources (for example, with electric energy) to ensure that users can use hot water at any time.

7. Safe and reliable: The successful application of flat plate heat exchange technology in products not only improves the thermal efficiency of balcony wall-mounted products, but also successfully achieves the integration of product and building safety and life requirements, and greatly relieves the freezing and explosion of traditional solar water heaters Hidden dangers such as pipes, water leakage and scaling.

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